Guest Post: Lisa Ricard Claro

Thanks for being here, Lisa! I’m so excited to have you on my blog. Before you take over, I want to let everyone know a little about you.

Lisa Ricard Claro pic 2smLisa Ricard Claro is an award-winning author and Pushcart Prize nominee with published articles and stories spanning multiple media. She resides in Georgia with her husband of more than three decades and counting, is mother to three (a ruggedly handsome son and two stunningly beautiful daughters—​Lisa might be a little biased), and dreams of one day living at the beach. Seriously dreams of it. As in, she’s already decorating her dream beach house. In addition to an array of sand dollars and seashells, she keeps a framed sign hanging in her office: Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses Welcome Here. While Lisa is a fan of storytelling in all genres, Romance is her favorite because she believes everyone deserves love, acceptance, and a happily-ever-after.

Okay, take it away, Lisa.

I’d like to offer a big thank you to Kim Loraine for taking part in this blog swap with me. I hope you’ll link over to my blog, Writing in the Buff, to read Kim’s post there. As long as you’re here, though, I thought we could talk about our favorite books.

Favorite books are the best kind of BFFs, aren’t they? They continue to touch our hearts and minds long after our initial meeting, and they never let us down, no matter how long the time between readings. One week or ten years, when our eyes recognize that opening sentence the sun rises again.

The first book to fill my heart was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. I read that book over and over, until the dog-eared pages bore the smudges of my childish fingerprints, and I could recite whole sections by heart. I read the book the summer my family moved from Arizona to Massachusetts. I was 7-years-old. We lived with my grandparents that summer, in a big house on a busy street. There were no other children to play with, so from the moment I met Fern, Wilbur, and Charlotte I became caught up in their world. I hung out in the barn with Wilbur and his pals, shook my head at the antics of Templeton the rat, and cried with Wilbur when Charlotte spoke her final farewell.

I strolled on my grandparents’ wide porch, hunting bugs to throw into the web of a spider I dubbed “Charlotte.” After three days, my Charlotte had eaten so many ants and flies she abandoned her web, surely on the advice of her cardiologist who told her she was destined for a bleak future under the porch unless she embraced a lifestyle change. I was devastated to discover the web abandoned. Unlike Wilbur’s Charlotte, mine had left without a word.

No worries. I curled up in a shady spot and started the book over again. My affinity for those characters was even better the second and third time around.

As an adult, my more jaded view of the world makes it harder for book characters to wriggle their way into my heart. Like most authors, I read a lot, and I enjoy the bulk of what I read. But not every book carries the magic to pull me inside, and those that do are imbued with something indefinable. I can’t put my finger on what it is that wows me. That something—whatever it is—grabs me and takes hold.

A few books that have held that power over me are Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen, The Vineyard by Nora Roberts, Blue Willow by Deborah Smith, The Best Man by Kristan Higgins, and Bride of the MacHugh and My Lord Monleigh, both by Jan Cox Speas. These books are different in voice and theme, but there is that something that resonates every time I dive into the pages. I’ve read each of these books multiple times, and I delight in each one every time, just as I do when sitting down to chat with an old and dear friend.

When readers tell me they love the characters in my novel, Love Built to Last, that this is a book they will read again and again, I am both thrilled and humbled. It is no small thing to have one’s characters and story invited into a reader’s heart. Such things are subjective, and not every book resonates with every reader. But when the magic happens, when the world created within the covers of a novel comes alive, the friendships built stay with us, just waiting for the bond to be renewed again the next time the cover is opened.

What books have held that sort of power over you? Which characters and novels have stayed with you long after you read the last page? Which book do you go back to time and again, always to find that it is both new and familiar for you, each and every time?

Thanks again to Kim for participating in this blog swap! I hope to see you over at Writing in the Buff!

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Lisa Ricard Claro

  1. Lisa – I also loved Charlotte’s Web. My all-time-favorite teacher introduced me to that book and many others. The Boxcar Children series was another favorite.

    Love Built to Last is right up there on my list of favorites. I have to admit though, I read so much that sometimes it becomes difficult to remember specifics. And, because my TBR list is so long, I usually just don’t have the time to go back and re-read even my favorite books. I know you’re not asking for kudos here, and you already know I stayed up all night reading your book because I just couldn’t put it down, so even if I don’t recall specific details, not many books grab hold of me and keep me reading all night like yours did.

    There have been a few other books in recent times that have had that indefinable something, and you’re right, it’s so difficult to say what that is. Sometimes I think it can just be the mood I’m in when I read a book that does it. The book that got me reading again, after a long hiatus due to working and reading technical stuff, was Night Road by Kristin Hannah. A good friend gave me a copy of it right after I retired and said you HAVE to read this; once I started I couldn’t stop. That book hit me right in the gut and I stayed up all night reading it. The other book that hit me hard was Crossing Tinker’s Knob by Inglath Cooper. Many reviewers didn’t care for the way that book ended but, even though I would have liked to read more about the characters, the story concluded in a satisfactory way for me.

    I enjoyed your blog swap with Kim very much.


  2. Oh, I too loved Charlotte’s Web! And Island of the Blue Dolphins and A Little Princess. Now there are almost too many to name. Lord of the Flies. Of Mice and Men. Olive Kitteridge, Little Bee, and Dandelion Wine. And now I’m really enjoying Love Built to Last!


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