What If You Fly? Guest post on Kick Ass Chicks’ progressive fiction project…

what_if-by-erin-hansonI’ve been lax with my blogging lately. I know, I’m sorry. This is really mostly because I’ve been hard at work writing the first draft of book 3 in the Golden Beach world. I’m about 10k words away from my goal, that’s only ten scenes. Yay!

One thing I did do was contribute as a guest writer for this awesome blog. Kick Ass Chicks is a group of seven amazing female writers. I love reading their posts so when my friend Kristi Rose, one of the KAC, approached me about contributing to their awesome progressive fiction project I was over the moon.

The concept is cool. Something akin to playing a game of telephone. The first post starts the story with a scene and then each week a new author adds a new scene, changing the path of the characters, growing the conflict, shaping the storyline. Eventually we end up with something amazing and-probably-very different than the original author intended.

Here’s the link to the story from the beginning.

Here’s the link to my scene.

I hope you like it. I sure had fun writing my part.


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