It’s five-line-Friday somewhere

It may be Saturday here in Japan, but in the continental US it is still Friday. I added five lines from the end of one of the chapters of RESTORATION to my fellow writer’s blog today and thought I should share them here with you.

My hero, Drew, has taken Grace on a trip to visit Edinburgh, Scotland.

“So, what shall we do today?” he asked.
“You’ve been here before. How about you play Scottish tour guide?”
“Aye, lassie, ye cannae pick a better guide than me,” Drew said with an over-exaggerated Scottish burr.
She giggled and collected her purse while he finished dressing. “Oh, good. I’ve always dreamt of having my own personal Highlander. Where to first?”

Available now!

If you’re a writer, share five lines of your WIP, new release, or backlist. I’d love to see what you’re working on. PG rated please 🙂

❤ Kim

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